Saturday, May 14, 2011

An Introduction.

I doubt there are too many people out there who don’t sense that something is wrong with America and it is this sense of foreboding that drives numerous men and women to prepare for an uncertain future. You may recognize some of these people; the neighbors who put in a sizeable garden and preserve the bounty, the family who buys in bulk and maintains a large stockpile of goods, the local whose gun cabinet is more like an arms room.

The efforts of preppers and survivalists may seem outside the mainstream by most citizens, yet similar preparations are looked upon as prudent by government agencies like the DOT and FEMA. When I read various blogs that deal with prepping and survival activities, I notice several trends. Many sites speak to a time when the country will collapse due to poor decisions by state and national leaders. They envision the post-collapse environment as something akin to the conditions seen in movies like The Road or Red Dawn. Additionally, some sites focus entirely on the creation and storage of foodstuffs and water.

The correct answer is likely somewhere near the middle ground. A reasonable focus on the conditions we may face in an all-too-uncertain future and the preparations necessary and prudent to prepare us for that end. What one should strive for is a combination of guns and gardens, barter and deep larder that will best serve men and women who want to survival difficult events while remaining good citizens to the end.

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